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Work permits and validations.

Work permits and validations are necessary to be able to practice a profession in Colombian territory when you are a foreigner. It is extremely important for the work be legal before the Colombian authorities. These are also obligations that must be fulfilled by the professional when he/she has the intention of work legally in the country.

The temporary work permit is a resolution issued by the Professional Councils, as governmental bodies of the country, so the foreigner can legally exercise his/her profession in Colombian territory for a certain time.

There are different Professional Councils, the process is followed with some specific depending on the profession of the foreigner who wants to start the process to work in Colombia. For these steps, LARM offers a continuous follow-up to be able to successfully complete the application.

An example of this is a professional who comes from Belgium, his or her profession is Civil Engineering. In this case the Professional Council to contact is COPNIA, which must receive the request to issue your temporary work permit. This procedure takes about four weeks, in which the professional must wait for a notification via email with the approval of the entity.

On the other hand, the validation is the recognition made by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia on a higher education degree granted by a legally authorized institution in the country of origin of the transferred professional.

It should be clarified that once the resolution is issued by the Ministry, it must proceed to obtain the professional license which is a public document that accredits the academic training in a specific area of knowledge, as this document is issued to the relevant Professional Council. Upon obtaining this document the foreigner will be able to exercise his profession indefinitely, this means that he/she will not have to apply for or renew his/her work permit.

For the process of filing these documents, LARM has an excellent group of professionals trained to provide special support to each of the requests of the transferred professionals.

We hope this information is useful, so for more intimation you can contact us here.

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