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Activities for Holy Week.

Colombia is a very traditional country and in Holy Week various activities are carried out in all the cities of the country.

In the city of Bogota, for example, you can visit the Botero Museum located on Calle 11 with Carrera 4 in the Candelaria cultural center, or the modern museum on Calle 24 with Carrera 6 , where they are constantly changing the works to be exhibited depending on the time of the year and a number of museums that keep the history of Colombia as the Gold Museum located on Calle 15 with race 6 or visit the Simón Bolívar museum that tells the history of the independence of our country.

It is clear that if you are in the capital you should visit the square of Bolivar full of history, framed by the Congress of the Republic the Mayor’s office and the Primada cathedral that has a unique colonial architecture.

But if you are interested in sports and leisure activities you can do a guided bike tour with one of the agencies that you can find in the candelaria, go to the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, lung of the city, also the Botanical Garden located a block away, visit Maloca center of art and technology interaction or know the most important churches of the capital that will surely tell you a different story, visit the lord of Monserrate, to which you can go cable car , train or on foot, among many other plans.

There are so many things to do that it is difficult to tell them all in a single text, but we recommend that you go to Jaime Duque Park located half an hour from the city by the northern highway, or make a tour on the train of the savannah and why not? Visit the salt cathedral of Zipaquirá located one hour from the capital, or by the same side Guatavita.

There are no number of treasures to discover and if you’re lucky you might find one at the well-known flea market on Calle 26 with race 7 in front of the Colpatria tower one of the tallest buildings in Bogota that offers an unparalleled view, Just two blocks away is the planetarium in Bogotá, which offers a unique visual spectacle every day.

Now, in other cities of the country, you find for example in Medellín, Guatapé where the rock of the rock and one of the largest artificial lagoons in Colombia, you can go up to the communes in the metro cable, visit the countless museums located in the city center, see the boathouse square, or the botanical garden. You can also see the square ARVI located by the way to white stones, visit the park explores that has the largest freshwater aquarium in South America, or request with one of the many agencies a guided tour of adventure in which you can practice paragliding from one of the mountains that frame this beautiful Medellín.

Colombia is a country without equal with all the thermal floors and landscapes that you will surely fall in love with, Visit the beaches in Cartagena, Santa Marta, or jungle sites like San José de Guaviare where there are wonderful landscapes, unique and impossible to forget.

However, we recommend that you consult the schedules and rates of the sites to visit, bear in mind that there may be changes and closures without prior notice due to the pandemic.

Remember life is nothing more than the sum of memories for that reason in this Holy Week, reflect with your family, keep sanitary measures and always live protecting you and yours.

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