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Meeting LARM family: Isaac Figueredo.


Today I have the opportunity to tell you a little about myself, without further ado, I will tell you a short story about who Isaac Taylor is. I am a native of the island of Providence which is located in the Colombian Caribbean; The strong economy of our archipelago is based on tourism, so from a very young age I had a lot of contact with foreigners. The foreigners who came to Providence, were delighted with the sea of ​​seven colours, with our Caribbean music as they are: the calypso, jumping polka, mento, schottische, and of course reggae could not be missed.

Around the island of Providence, on some beaches, there were flags of Bob Marley or Lucky Duby, the two great icons of reggae music for us. My countrymen from the island, always in search of new adventures, undertook horse races, went out in their sailboats to explore the waters of pirates and treasures, to dive in the middle of the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, among those reefs that enraptured any.

In a place of approximately 5,000 inhabitants, a desire is born to go out and look for opportunities, so I left that paradise to move to the city of Bogota and study Business Administration. I studied at the Santo Tomás University, a very enriching experience for my personal and professional life. At the time, I worked in some contact center companies, where I learned how to develop to offer good customer service, I was in American and Canadian companies, therefore, I dealt mostly with foreigners. Upon graduation, I had the opportunity to work at the Colombian Foreign Ministry, where I was able to meet my life project at a professional level, immigration as a way to support people to achieve their dreams.

Subsequently, LARM Colombia gave me the opportunity to be part of a very human team and excellent professionals, I have been working as an Immigration Specialist for two years, time that has contributed to broaden my way of seeing global immigration much more. I have been able to work with a large number of nationalities in different circumstances; I have faced many challenges with countless learnings day after day.

Talking with several transferred professionals, I have been fortunate to be able to see Colombia from other perspectives, we are a very rich country, with hard-working people. It is amazing to see the interest that outsiders have in this land, the great amount of opportunities they see, they come to seek and create many times.

I consider that, from the beginning of a migratory process, it is necessary to analyse the intentions of the transferred professional. What is their objective in the short, medium and long term? Based on this, I give them opportunities to start a migration project, so to speak, for example: obtaining Colombian nationality. So, I am preparing them from the beginning so that they can reach the goal, which in this case would be to be Colombian. Therefore, I strive to give the best service, in such a way that, by talking, I can identify the best strategy.

This is me, a member of the large LARM family, who day by day we work to make your transfer an easy, comfortable and efficient process. Recalls that:

LARM, your home away from home!

If you want to know more members of our LARM family, you can enter here

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