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Meeting LARM family: Vanesa Rodriguez.


My name is Vanessa Rodriguez, I have been working for 5 years and 8 months in LARM Colombia, I started as Immigration Specialist for 3 years and now I am Account Manager of the Immigration team.

I studied International business administration at the Rosario University and I have a graduate diploma in Human resources management and organizational development, this knowledge has allowed me to understand the importance of empathy with the client and knowing how to understand their needs, all my work experience has been in immigration matters always having the purpose of learning new things, exchanging knowledge with my colleagues and always trying to exceed the client's expectations.

I really like the Human Management area, I consider that the most valuable thing in a company are the people who are part of it, hence the importance of caring for and watching over the internal client, it must be given the same importance as the external client, we must always put ourselves in the shoes of others and know what they feel or think. This is why it is very important for me to ensure that my team feels comfortable with what they do in their day to day, they feel satisfied with their tasks and they should always be highlighted and congratulated when they do a good job.

I think that there should always be a balance between personal life and work, that is why we must always take advantage of our free time and share it with the people around us. Since I was little I have lived with dogs as pets which has made me like animals a lot, currently I have a Boston Terrier and a Shitzu who I love with all my heart, I also like children a lot and in the past one of my dreams was studying child pedagogy.

In my free time, I like to read, watch series, documentaries, travel and share with my family, my favorite books and documentaries are mystery books, my favorite writer is John Katzenbach and my favorite series is Friends, In the future I would like to do a master's degree and live in another country like the United States or Canada.

This is me, a member of the large LARM family, who day by day we work to make your transfer an easy, comfortable and efficient process. Recalls that:

LARM, your home away from home!

If you want to know more members of our LARM family, you can enter here

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