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Meeting LARM family: Yennifer Mora.


I’m Yennifer Mora, I was born in Bogotá, I’m 22. Since my childhood I have liked to read especially stories that lead us to become sensitized by people, one of my favorite writers is Jaime Jaramillo is a Colombian writer, he made the decision to help and rescue the children who live on the street by giving them their love by serving without any conditions; through his books he has inspired me to serve no matter who.

I studied accounting and finance technician since my dad when I was in business called me a lot of attention as he was managing finance, the order it requires and since then I have been interested in the Accounting career emphasizing my dream in a foundation complementing one of my dreams as a child uniting it with one of my dreams as a teenager.

With LARM I am living my first administrative work experience and here I have found another family, where I could develop my skills acquired by the technician. It has been a satisfying experience because I find day by day in each of my colleagues great support I also have the privilege of meeting them and seeing people with a great heart working together to achieve each proposed goal.

In my spare time I like to go out and play in the park with my nephews, share with the people I love creating memorable moments that take us to remember with a smile how valuable family is. I give infinite thanks to God for this enormous blessing, the privilege of life is to find that in small things or moments the best memories are created and that it does not take many luxuries to be happy, that the best way to enjoy every moment is to take advantage of every opportunity that God allows us to live.

I like to sing, play instruments look for a moment alone to discover myself, know who I am but especially if I am serving with passion in every area of my life, if I am giving my best, it is there where I challenge myself every day when working, sharing with family, to fight for my dreams and achieve every goal I set for myself.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" .

Mahatma Gandhi

This is me, a member of the large LARM family, who day by day we work to make your transfer an easy, comfortable and efficient process. Recalls that:

LARM, your home away from home!

If you want to know more members of our LARM family, you can enter here

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