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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you’re moving to Montería

It is a city marked by its urban, commercial and vital development, known also like the city of the Swallows. It is the stock capital of Colombia.

This land with one of the most fertile valleys of the world, it has always shown agricultural vocation since its beginning.

Its people, history, exotic beauty makes it a destination that attracts tourists throughout the year. Besides, it has a cultural wealth for being the fusion of many different indigenous tribes, foreigners, afro-descendants that gives a colorful identity to this beautiful capital city of Cordoba.


Montería is bounded by many towns such as Cereté, Puerto Escondido and San Pelayo in the north, Tierra Alta and Valencia in in the south, San Carlos and Planeta Rica in the east and department of Antioquia and the towns of Canalete, Valencia and San Carlos in the west.

The city is the economic, politic, cultural and administrative center of the region of Cordoba.

This is place for many touristic activities, among them The Patron Celebration in the month of January, The National Cattle Fair, Agro industrial and Commercial Equine of Monteria, The National and International Kingdom of Cattle in June, and the contest of typical sweets of Sinú and the Food of Holly Week that is celebrated before the religious festivities. Located between the First Avenue that runs along with the river Sinú, and the republican architecture sites, some of them restored and located throughout the avenue, the longitudinal park Ronda del Sinú is famous for its captivating beauty and urban landscapes. The outskirts of Monteria offer landscapes of unique characteristics including numerous cattle farms.

The fertile lands, scientific centers such as the Experimental Station of Turipana and institutions such as Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana y Universidad del Sinú. And important school us follow:

· Windsor Royal.

· Vallegrande.

· Campestre.

· Británico de Montería.

· Montería.

· La Salle.

· Diocesano Juan Pablo II.

How to reach?

Montería, is accessible to the whole country through the airport Los Garzones situated at 10 kilometers on the way leading to Cereté. The city also has the modern transport terminal César Navarro Sáenz that serves as the basis for more than twenty organizations interdepartmental and inter-municipal.


The remarkable location in the center of large and fertile valley of Sinú converts Monteria in an agricultural, livestock, commercial and touristic center.

Above all, the livestock activity involves cattle breeding, dairy farming, meat cattle and double purpose. Among the bovine animals the main breed is Cebu. The creole and seaside cattle is preserved, studied and selected in the Turipana farm of Colombian agricultural research agency. It is one of the main economic resources of the capital city. Many great deals of selling and purchasing high quality livestock take place at various exhibition and demonstration facilities. The farms in Monteria harvests largely and mechanically cotton, rice, corn and sorghum. Apart from farming substances, bean, corn, yam, yucca and plantain on a small scale.

The Culture and Convention Center of Córdoba is situated on the left side of the road that leads to Cereté (3 Kilometers) between Monteria and the airport Los Garzones.


The commercial activities of Monteria is of high importance as beside catering to the needs of its habitants it also represents the meeting point for the surrounding rural area. Both the increase in the population and its needs has motivated the big Colombian capitals to set in motions the important shopping centers in the city.


The capital city has received a great deal of immigrants both coming from different Colombian regions and foreign lands the reason why there are many typical, creole, international and specialized food restaurants

Sectors to live

If you are thinking of moving to Monteria, the recommended area to do so is the north of the city. The neighborhoods located in the north of Montería are the most elegant in the city. Centered around the neighborhood of El Recreo, which is the most luxurious in the city. The northern area of Montería also hosts the best shopping centers in the city and the most exclusive hotels.

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