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Ash Wednesday: Colombian tradition.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, when the church calls all the faithful to conversion and to prepare to live the mysteries of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ in Holy Week.

In Colombia the Catholic Church remains the strongest religious institution in the country, with the largest number of faithful, so days like Ash Wednesday are traditions deeply rooted in our culture. From childhood it is customary for the family to go to the church closest to their place of residence and receive the ash cross on their foreheads as an act of initiation and acceptance of participation in Lent.

However, with the arrival of the pandemic many things have changed and it is likely that this custom will also do so because the biosafety protocols must be complied with but traditions are very important for Colombians and many will be presented today February 17 to receive the ash, so if you’re a foreigner and it’s your first time in Colombia don’t be surprised to see many people with a black cross on their foreheads in the streets or in your neighborhood.

From today begins a very important time for Catholics and Colombians in general because in about 1 month comes Holy Week which is also a very important tradition in the country and that generation after generation is celebrated with great affection and humility.

Learn more about our traditions and customs through our accounts on Facebook and Instagram where you find us as : LARM_Colombia.

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