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At LARM we care about your well-being.

As a LARM family we ensure the protection and welfare of our collaborators, so we wanted to join the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, other chambers of commerce and some guilds of the country, framed in the National Vaccination Plan, to the law 2064 of 2020, Decree 660 of 2021 and resolution 840 of 2021 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, to accelerate the vaccination process of our work team.

Vaccines are a tool that allows us to defend ourselves better if we contract the virus, they do not act as a shield that prevents us from becoming infected, so we should continue to use protective measures to prevent the spread, That is why we as FAMILY are encouraging our collaborators to get vaccinated, especially our collaborators who day by day are doing the accompaniments to our clients, we protect ourselves and we are ensuring them also a protection.

What is expected from a two-dose vaccine is not to prevent infection. Although in some cases it could happen, what it prevents is that serious or severe forms of the disease occur. In addition, it must be considered that, in order for a person to be considered protected, 14 days must elapse from the placement of the second dose.

LARM invites them to get encouraged to get vaccinated:

  • Your loved ones need you, when it’s your turn, get vaccinated against COVID 19 so you can help them.

  • Our medical staff have decided to get vaccinated against COVID 19.

  • Now they recommend that you do too.

  • Talk to a health care professional about what’s best for you.

  • We have the opportunity to return to the places and people we love. Let’s recover our way of life.

  • The COVID 19 vaccine was tested on more than 70,000 people. Today more than 42 million people have already been vaccinated. When it’s your turn, you can feel confident that it’s safe and effective.

By immunizing the LARM Family, protecting our lives, supporting our company’s recovery, our customers are protecting them and we are approaching the end of the pandemic!

LARM, your home away from home!

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