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Candlelight Day

The day of the Candles by tradition in Colombia is celebrated on the night of December 7th, where all families go out to the doors of their house, balconies, parks to light millions of colorful candles and learn lanterns, which fill all cities with magic, all this in honour of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

When lighting the candles many think of thanking what they had experienced in the year, others raise their prayers for their families and loved ones, others thinking of how great the divine light and peace brings.

That night you cannot miss, without also giving the preamble to our Christmas banquets, fritters, custard, arepas with shredded meat, cookies and other snacks.

This is a celebration by tradition that is done in family and friends, usually is traditional music of December, carols, as the next day is a holiday it is not necessary to worry about early morning, so people stay on the streets until dawn, many waiting for the candles to be consumed and others giving the beginning to the December holidays so it is the first moment of many encounters at these dates.

For many years the celebration has begun with a light show from the Coltapatria tower in the center of Bogotá, in one of the most traditional buildings of our city.

Other people prefer tonight, going out to see the lights in the city or even going out to see the lights in nearby cities.

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