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Candlelight Day in Colombia: What does it mean?

On this date is celebrated the day on which the Archangel Saint Gabriel announced to Mary that she would be the chosen one from before his birth as the mother of Jesus. Begins the wonderful time of Christmas; this night is a date when we remember the importance of the light that lives in each of us to offer, share and thank for all we have.

It tells the story that since 1854 the night of candles is commemorated and begin in Bogota a series of activities such as the route of the lights in the shopping centers and in nearby towns such as Nobsa, Paipa and the bridge of Boyacá among others... And at nightfall families gather, delighting a special meal and lighting 7 candles asking the angels 7 wishes that fill us with hope and happiness!

In Colombia we take advantage of this date to unite those who were upset during the year. It is a time of joy and blessing in each of our homes!!

We invite you to be part of this beautiful tradition of our country for this 2021, light your candles as a family.

LARM, your home away from home!

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