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Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Colombia is a country that stands out in the region not only for its water wealth, fauna and flora but also for its festivities that, over time, have taken more strength in its international recognition, which has positioned the country as a benchmark in the region for tourism.

One of the most representative festivities is the famous " Carnaval de Barranquilla ". Every year this Caribbean city becomes the setting for meeting folk, dance and musical expressions that give free rein to the joy of their own and visitors.

This celebration brings together emblematic expressions of the memory and identity of the people of Barranquillero, the Colombian Caribbean and the Rio Grande de La Magdalena. The Barranquilla Carnival has its remote origin in the Carnival that came to America from Spain because like many of the country’s cultural traditions this is native to Europe. It is said that the fun of Carnival had a religious character in its remote origins, when the New Year was celebrated -the beginning of spring-, as a symbol of the rebirth of nature.

The Carnival has 5 main events throughout its celebration:

  • La Guacherna.

  • Batalla de flores.

  • Desfile de tradición.

  • Baila la calle.

  • Muerte de Joselito.

As in its history, the colors, costumes, maks, music and dance with elements that combine perfectly in the celebration of the carnival, allowing you to get a magical experience while the story comes to life through the dancers and the wonderful scenes that, Without realizing it, they catch you and make you part of this famous Colombian tradition.

Pack your bags and share this great experience that Colombia offers you and that you will surely treasure as a great family memory.

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