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Christmas lights in Colombia

In Colombia, Christmas is not Christmas without lights, the streets of towns and cities party during the end of the year, we invite you to enjoy the best lighting, of those who strive to create the best designs and share the Christmas fever with everyone, locals and visitors from all over the world enjoy this party and show. There is nothing like walking through these cities and towns in search of illuminated treasures, so come and travel around Colombia and experience the “Sabor” that the country puts on Christmas.

Bogota The Colombian capital is also dressed in light! Its lighting is made up of 100 kilometers of light hoses, 167,000 extensions of mini LED lights and 12 million light bulbs, and illuminates about 7.5 kilometers of tracks and more than 120,000 square meters of parks and squares, including landmarks such as Plaza de Bolívar, Usaquén and the National Park. Walking these streets is magical, in these you will feel like in another world, in a place where color, music and the best energy are the main ingredient.

Medellín This city has become famous thanks to the Christmas decoration and lighting that every year surprises locals and foreigners who come exclusively to see it. The combination of lights, large trees, 3D figures and ornamental shapes are the secret ingredient is the most internationally recognized Colombian city for its Christmas lighting, from December 3 until January 6, 2022, The city’s all lit up. The Christmas lighting will have its central node in Parks of the River, which recreate the Christmas city of the 'Sparkles', magical characters inspired by the brightness of the stars and the Christmas fruits that will have their neighborhoods, cities, shops, gastronomic delights, and play areas. Paisas are proud of their city.

Nobsa, Boyacá this municipality, located 5 hours from Bogotá is characterized by having one of the most striking natives in Colombia. Although in most houses in the country small mangers that symbolize great beliefs are assembled, this town gives everything to show off. More than 100 moving figures and 30 scenes represent the customs of this region of the country. Artisans, ranchers, growers, artists, houses, animals and many other figures make this place come alive.

Corrales, Boyacá the lighting of the balconies and streets of this municipality of Boyacá make it look like it came out of a movie, because it leaves anyone breathless. This without leaving aside the beauty of its landscapes and events such as the pyrotechnic show that decorates the sky and the musical ride, make Corrales one of the most visited places in the Christmas season.

Quimbaya, Quindío is also a must, as passionate locals take the tradition of lighting to the top, here there are no limits to creativity. Around 20,000 visitors come to this charming place to experience the Feast of the Immaculate Conception amid candles, fireworks and spectacular lanterns created by local artisans. These, with their hands keep alive the Colombian traditions to infect any of the magic of Christmas in Colombia.

In Cali Thousands of Caleños gather annually around the River Boulevard to light the Christmas lighting, which consists of more than 2 million light bulbs, hoses and LED tapes. The salsa capital also enjoys Christmas, with food, lots of dancing, fireworks and the best of traditions.

Encourage yourself then to travel to these destinations, know their culture and live Christmas in another way, The best thing about Colombia is to know that in any corner we can find some light that brightens our lives and that there are always Colombians willing to bring a secret ingredient to Christmas.

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