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Christmas Recipes!

In Colombia we look forward to the arrival of Christmas and not only for gifts, for us food becomes the main reason to participate in the festivities, from the main course to desserts or even the delicious appetizers we usually prepare for the novenas.

There are many recipes that year after year come to complete Colombian homes at Christmas and also at the end of the year but today we will talk about a specific one, the ajiaco santafereño, dish that since the beginning of the colony won the heart and stomach of all Colombia, However, its preparation and consumption is greater in the capital of the country.

Some of our transferred professionals within their relocation process have been able to taste this dish in the company of our consultants giving a delicious welcome to our country.

Here is a brief summary of this recipe to encourage you to prepare this Christmas and surprise your family:


  • Chicken

  • Colombian Cob

  • Sabanera potato

  • Pastusa potato

  • Criolla potato

  • Milk Cream

  • Capers

  • Avocato

  • White rice


  • You can take the breast or leg if there are several people, leave the bone for more flavor of the broth, in a pot with water and over low heat.

  • In a pressure cooker, divide the cob into 3 sections, with a pinch of cilantro and guasca leaves that are put at the beginning and at the end for decoration.

  • Then pour the cobs into the chicken stock and incorporate a clove of garlic, and chopped long onion.

  • Meanwhile you can go itching and peeling the 3 types of potato which you should add to the broth in the following order: First the sabana potato, 10 minutes later pastusa potato and the criolla potato to the last to get rid of and a different consistency.

  • Leave the ajiaco on a low heat for about 30 minutes and don’t forget to mix to prevent the potato from sticking to the pot.

  • Finally you can serve and decorate the ajiaco with milk cream and capers.

  • Additionally you can accompany with avocado and white rice.

To enjoy!

In Colombia we also usually prepare the following foods for December holidays, it is likely that during this month you will see them very often :

  • Tamales .

  • Buñuelos.

  • Custard (Blackberry Candy).

  • Milk rice.

  • Desserts.

LARM, your home away from home!

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