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Colombia: Our beloved land!

133 years ago, Rafael Nuñez did not imagine that the wonderful musicalization of Oreste Sindici to his poem "Patriotic Hymn", would fill with emotion and feeling 49 million hearts that proudly would wave the tricolor flag, not only to celebrate their independence on July 20, but to celebrate each victory, each historical moment, each triumph, each moment full of passion.

That passion that we have been cultivating generation after generation since 1810, that one that crosses the Guajiro Massif and curiously transits the Andes Mountains to navigate to the Amazon Trapezoid. That same passion that sounds like the cumbia of Gareña, that dances to the beat of the master Sanjuanero Durán, the one that boils when the Toto la Momposina candle is lit and that has turned the verses of Garzón and Collazos into brandy, cane brandy.

It is that same passion that was immortalized in Efrain's letters to Maria, that gave life to the children's stories of Elisa Mujica and turned the flight of Garcia Márquez's yellow butterflies into magical realism, the one that bogged down the little angels of Andrés Caicedo and I take to Delirio the pages of Laura Restrepo.

It is the magic of the taste of coffee in the morning, ajiaco, sancocho, tray paisa, chocolate with almojábana from the Puerta Falsa in Bogotá to what Colombian passion tastes, and of course, tastes of triumph: at 5-0 94 'against Argentina.

And it is that same passion that made us feel owners of the world with the Olympic gold medals of Urrutia, Pajón, Ibargüen and Figueroa. The same that has traveled the roads of the world in the pedals of Lucho and Cochise, the one that filled Nairoman and Rigoneitor with super powers, and the one that saw the birth of a new Legend of El Dorado: El Zipa, our champion: Egan Bernal.

And it is where the South American Athens, the Heaven Branch, the City of Eternal Spring, the Heroic and the Cradle of Vallenato could most converge, but in this fertile and passionate land, which is the dream of a Bolivar who always believed What would be your beloved land, my beloved land ... What would be Colombia: Our beloved land!

Remember that we are family of families! Do not hesitate to contact us through our communication channels here for more information.

¡We are here to support you!

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