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Colombian novenas

The Christmas novenas are a tradition that characterizes all of us Colombians, dressing the manger and the Christmas tree the last week of November.

When they are large families we gather every day from 16-24 December in a different house carrying some present such as fritters, custard, rice pudding, wine, etc. Each member of the family should participate by reading a part of the ninth from the youngest to the grandparents participate in the reading.

Also, by the novenas it is customary for not only the family to gather but also the neighbors, friends and strangers who by the end of the novenas already become part of the family.

At the end we sing carols, share the food together and on some occasions we put Christmas music to dance.... Ahhh, but we cannot forget to close our eyes, praying together every day for a different intention.

It is a nice time to approach as a family, wishing the best to the other and to alleviate the rough edges that we have had during the year and reflect on all the learnings acquired.

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