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Do It Yourself! Halloween on LARM.

Actualizado: 23 oct 2020

In ancient times, by these times the Celts would be preparing to celebrate the end of the summer harvest and thus start the 'Celtic New Year'... And with this celebration, they also prepared themselves with costumes and jellybeans to entertain the souls returning to our world.

Today, hundreds of years later, and thanks to the Romans appropriating this tradition, on the night of October 31 we see a burst of colors and creativity strolling through the streets around the world. Contests and grand parades open up year after year, to fantastic creations to personify from large film icons, to the strangest and most unknown animals in the universe.

And so in every home a magical world opens up where moms, dads, daughters, sons and even grandparents, test their artistic talents and as if by magic, angels, cats, Greek figures, scarecrows and entire gypsy families who go out to roam the streets in search of treasures of candies . Scissors, cardboard, imagination and action!

With what we have at hand we will start this "Do It Yourself" Halloween version:

What better way to recognize how well our daughters and sons have behaved during this quarantine with a great angel costume... for this one we will only need: White linen or a white sheet, white cardboard, 4 nurse hooks and scissors... The first thing will be to put on the white linen or cross the sheet around our shoulders simulating a tunic, the next step, according to the size of cardboard we have will draw the silhouette of our wings, We cut them and draw them small lines to simulate the feathers, and with the nurse hooks we attach the wings to our shirt or to the top of the tunic and we are ready to fly by candies!

But if we don’t like the idea of flying for candy, we can look for black clothes, a black eyeliner, a headband, scissors, glue and half an eighth of black cardboard. With this very easily we can become Hallowinese cats! After putting on our black clothes we will draw, with eyeliner, a heart on the tip of our nose and we will color everything to get our cat nose. Once our nose is ready, we will paint moles on our cheeks and from there we will make lines to simulate our whiskers. Then we’ll draw and cut the little ears and glue them to the headband! Secure your ears well so you don’t lose them while purring for candies!

And if we don’t have cardboard on hand, we’re gonna look for a white sheet and gold, yellow, or green laces. With the sheet we will make a tunic and the laces we will put on our forehead to simulate a crown and ready! That’s how easy you became a Greek Goddess or a Roman God!

Other very easy ideas to enjoy in family Halloween can be:

Woodcutter Costume: look for your best checkered shirt combine it with a jean and boots and paint with eyeliner a longer smile and paint two vertical stripes on each side!

Gypsy Costume: Dust off that long dress and wear a striking colored sack on your head, and complete your outfit with a drawn mole.

This Halloween will certainly be different and the LARM family wants to extend a very special invitation to enjoy it taking care of you and yours! In your home you will find many materials to create magical costumes! Just don’t forget that no matter what the costume, you should always wear your mask, and if you’re visiting public places, remember to always keep your distance of 2mts, be permanently disinfecting your hands with antibacterial and clean with alcohol all the candies you receive!

On Halloween don’t forget that LARM is your home away from home!

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Halloween, Costume, Family, Tradition, Magic, Fantasy, Creativity, LARM.

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