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End-of-year traditions in Colombia.

Colombia, like many countries in Latin America, has traditions rooted in its culture for various celebrations that take place throughout the year, however, today we will emphasize in those that Colombians usually perform by the end of the year:

Eating 12 grapes for 12 wishes: This tradition, inherited from generation to generation, consists in each member of the family taking 12 grapes and one to one asking for different wishes for the next year. There are no limits to your wishes as long as there are only 12.

Putting lentils in your pockets: If we want to highlight very particular traditions, putting lentils in your pockets is one of them. In Colombia it is customary to do this at midnight so that the money is never lacking next year. Get ready to find plenty of lentils throughout the house on January 1st.

Putting on red underwear: There is a belief that wearing red underwear will bring in love, so many people are used to buying this garment without fail to wear in the new year.

Wearing Yellow Underwear: Another press that is granted "magical powers" is yellow underwear, which is used to having economic wealth in the new year.

Running around your neighborhood with a suitcase: For those who love travel, this tradition is a favorite. It’s about taking your empty suitcase and running around your neighborhood to ensure many trips next year.

The Old Year: The Old Year is one of the oldest traditions, it consists of making a doll with old clothes, newspaper, etc... Giving it human form and putting it in a chair until after midnight. Then the old year is burned down as a metaphor for the things we want to leave behind to start a great new year.

In every corner of Colombia there are many other traditions, each with a special meaning that promises to make each year better than the other. We invite you to make some of these traditions in family during your stay in the country and let yourself be surprised in 2022.

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