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Getting ready for Christmas!

Christmas in Colombia is above all a family and social celebration of love, reconciliation and joy.

At the beginning of December all the cities with their streets, parks, stores, restaurants and houses are decorated with Christmas lights and motifs, Christmas tree and manger. Being a custom of lights and color for a long time, Colombia has worldwide recognition for its lighting. In the cities it is customary to visit the lighting, the authorities of each city report the lighting sites that cannot be missed.

We officially open Christmas on December 7 with the night of the candles and lanterns in family and social gatherings, all cities turn on that day their lights. Candles and lanterns are lit on the streets, platforms, gates and parks.

On December 16, the Christmas novenas begin, where every night a prayer is said, shared and enjoyed by family and friends. During these nine days, Colombians stand around the Nativity Scene to pray and sing Christmas carols. It is made in the houses, after praying the novena the host offers some type of typical sweets of the time such as fritters and custard or dinner of typical dishes being very common our tamales and lechona.

The 24th of December is a warm and unique day when families and friends gather in a great celebration to enjoy with the whole family, prepare a great dinner, desserts, music and gifts, to celebrate the birth of the God child.

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