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How do we communicate at LARM?

In 2021 one of the main focuses for the organization has been the continuous improvement in communication as a fundamental pillar for the proper development of our activities and delivery of our services.

Various activities have been carried out internally to strengthen communication in the family LARM, one of the most outstanding activities was the LNO (LARM Nations Organization) model where each area of the organization represented a nation from the great LARM continent and we could see the different perspectives of communication that existed to achieve common ideas on how we can achieve assertive communication, additionally we understood that we are not individual archipelagos, we must see ourselves as a single continent. Also, one of the commitments that came out of this great initiative is the use of the 8c of the communication:

  • Concise

  • Complete

  • Correct

  • Coherent

  • Concrete

  • Clear

  • With the heart (Corazón)

However, in the face of external communication, different exercises have also been established that contribute to the correct flow of information with our clients. Events such as Tertulias LARM and the creation of New Natural Person Division, Without any doubt they are excellent tools that allow us a closer and effective communication that lead to improve many aspects at the communicational level and which are reflected in the levels of satisfaction of the provision of our services.

Based on the above, we continue to work to improve each day more to provide the best experience in the processes of relocation and immigration of all those brave who decide to leave the unknown to obtain a new way of life, in a new country and this is where knowing your expectations, concerns, needs and uncertainties are part of a solid communication strategy with both our partners and our external customers.

LARM, your home away from home!

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