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Importance of temporary permits and professional registration in Colombia.

For those professionals who will be transferred to Colombia and who will work in the country, it is not enough to have an authorized visa to work. Depending on the profession of the foreigner must apply for a work permit and depending on the time of stay in the country, professional registration (Matrícula profesional).

The professions that most often require obtaining this documentation are those classified as social risk, especially all branches of engineering, medicine, geology, chemistry, among others.

The above is established in Law 842 of 2003 as follows:

Article 23. Temporary permission to exercise without registration for graduates domiciled abroad. <Article CONDITIONALLY exequible> Who holds the academic title of engineer or assistant profession or related to the professions herein regulated, is domiciled abroad and intends to be bound under any contractual modality to temporarily exercise the profession in the national territory, must obtain from the National Professional Council of Engineering, a temporary permit to practice without professional registration, professional registration certificate or certificate of registration, as the case may be; which shall be valid for one (1) year and may be renewed at the discretion of the National Professional Council of Engineering, always, until the maximum term of the contract or the work contracted.

Paragraph 3. If the professional beneficiary of the temporary permit intends to work indefinitely in the country, he must approve or validate the title in accordance with the rules governing the subject and process the professional registration or certificate of professional registration, as the case may be.

It is important to bear in mind that regardless of the functions performed, who presents himself or announces himself or herself with a professional title, to take up a position in a public or private entity using that title, is practising his profession and must obtain temporary permission and/or professional registration from the professional council.

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