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Introducing: Meeting LARM.

As part of the LARM Group, we understand the need that arises with respect to the creation of spaces where we can learn more about the best practices and initiatives that the other offices have applied in their processes.

In accordance with the above, from LARM Colombia and in conjunction with the Committee for New Projects and Innovation we have created a large space called "Meeting LARM" in which we will meet with the other offices and discuss topics such as:

  • Colombia.

  • Main cities of the country.

  • Our culture.

  • Our natural wealth.

  • How do we work with the heart in providing our services?

This initiative arose from the fact that an annual meeting of the Country Director of LARM Group was held to cover operational issues and new challenges in the industry, However, in the wake of the pandemic these encounters were suspended but we always look for ways to feel close and achieve growth together.

It is here that projects such as Meeting LARM provide us with the perfect space to achieve this goal, with a cultural focus from each country but always ensuring that knowledge and good corporate practices are shared and allow each of the LARM Group offices to innovate.

We will be counting the results of this great initiative which we hope to carry out in July so that you know more not only about LARM Colombia but also about the business group in general.

LARM, your home away from home!

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