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LARM 2020 celebrations

At LARM we love sharing family spaces such as holidays, special days and birthdays of our collaborators and this year despite not being together physically was no exception.

Like many of the companies we adapted to virtuality but this was not an impediment for us to celebrate important days together in our country and the return to the sun of the members of the LARM family. Being far away showed us the importance of feeling more united than ever and that despite the adversities, together we can overcome them.

In this article we give you a brief summary of the celebrations we held in the second half of 2020:

  • SUMMERLARM: In June, although quarantined, we went to a virtual beach in the middle of the summer with the whole LARM family and had fun playing trivia about celebrations in the world.And everyone prepared their favorite drink!

  • LARM CARNIVAL: In July we couldn’t pass up our country’s independence and we met in a virtual Carnival where we challenged each other about how well do we know Colombia?

  • FLY KITE TO ECUADOR: For August we decided to join the celebration of independence of our pair LARM Ecuador and the day of kites. For a whole week we sent data on the independence of Ecuador and together we made comets on paper.

  • LOVE IN PANDEMIC TIMES: We made up a funny story between a doctor and his sick girlfriend to which he sent a love message by email and by mistake He sent it to the entire medical body of the hospital! In the end each collaborator personified a member of the hospital and in this way we exchange messages of love and friendship.

  • HALLOWEEN LARM: For October we did a virtual celebration where together we could make our own Halloween masks!

  • LARM CUP: Continuing our LARM Cup competition in November we met to face off in a major LARM Knowledge tournament. The winner was Vanesa Rodriguez, Account Manager. Congratulations to her!

Finally, in the last month of the year we pat ourselves on the back and thank our collaborators for having been part of this challenge that brought us 2020. We maintained our unity to start a stronger and more human new year to make 2021 a great year.

LARM your home away from home!

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