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Meeting LARM Colombia.

At LARM we understand relocation as a deeply human event. This process is of great impact for the employee who is being transferred, but, above all, for his family. This is a process that goes beyond paperwork; it goes beyond buying tickets or searching for the most beautiful house.

At LARM we have been dedicated to listening to our Transferred Professionals for more than 20 years. This time of experience has allowed us to develop a very sensitive ear to identify the concerns, pain points, expectations, and preferences of our Transferred Professionals, even if all these are not explicitly stated.

This time has also allowed us to understand that, when working with brave people who decide to leave their customs, their friends and their family behind to pursue new dreams, we must have two main characteristics: empathy and sensitivity. Empathy to listen carefully; sensitivity to understand the details between the lines; and the mix of both to be able to put ourselves in the place of the families and find the best way to accompany, guide, become their first family in Colombia, become a refuge, become their home away from home.

It is for this reason that at LARM we work every day with our hearts. So that the transferred professionals live their transfer in the most calm and warm way possible. That is our purpose.

LARM, your home away from home!

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