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Mother´s Day!

The words family and home carry in themselves the presence of wonderful beings, moms. They are those beings full of light and love who know how to fight tirelessly for their children and their ideals, and who with a lot of creativity are always present to solve infinity of situations that are permanently presented to them.

At LARM we have a great bunch of moms that with great commitment and dedication contribute their academic knowledge and service; and in turn, they provide that special touch of family and home, which make our company a space full of life, in which the roles of work and home are combined.

They, the mothers, develop with great ingenuity a series of skills that allows them to keep in mind their work agenda and their duties at home; they can navigate with professionalism, wisdom and temperament every situation of their lives adding a great dose of love and tenderness; they learn to be "multifunctional", to fulfill every commitment they acquire and to be moms from the moment their womb begins to grow; they, with dedication and dedication, bring projects of all kinds to life because that makes part of their being.

resourcefulness They are always present for their children by "taking a breast" for their achievements, their challenges or their complex situations; their eyes shine when they think or speak of their treasures; they are willing to give advice, to stay a little longer to finish a task; are ready to fulfill in a generous and proactive way the appointments of the work, of their children or their personal appointments; they, the moms, are always ready to give everything with responsibility and dedication.

So is this beautiful bouquet of LARM moms, to whom we give great recognition and congratulate them for their extraordinary work.

LARM, your home away from home!

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Mother, Love, Unconditional, Affection, Support, Accompaniment, Relocation, LARM.

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