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Reflection Year 2020

We started a year full of expectations, projects to be executed and with the idea of continuing to grow and generate more and more, and better experiences for our clients and transferred professionals, However, over the months we saw how all these projects had to be postponed to make way for new activities and programs without this meaning leaving our goal behind.

We dedicated ourselves to "organizing the house" focusing mainly on being close to our collaborators, clients and transferred professionals, we knew their concerns, expectations, short- and medium-term plans; thus generating new job opportunities within our people; we devise new ways to accompany our transferred professionals in their relocation process by alleviating the additional anxiety generated by global circumstances, we accompany our clients with information, guidance and ongoing advice; among many other things.

Today and a few days before the end of 2020, I can only be grateful for all that this year we leave and teach us; for having driven us out of our comfort zone, for having allowed us to sow good seeds and then reap good fruits, for having been able to provide job and financial stability to our employees and their families, for having maintained the trust of our clients, for making us stronger and stronger, for being a family of families.

Thank you!

Angélica Escobar

Country Director LARM Colombia.

Key words:

Expectations, Home, Strength, Perseverance, Family, LARM.

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