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Secret Friend: A Tradition In Colombia

The day of love and friendship is a traditional celebration where friends, acquaintances, lovers, wed couples and family express their love and affection; this is celebrated on the third Saturday of the month of September. It’s a holiday very similar to Valentine's Day around the world, but unlike this it´s also about friends and acquaintances.

One of the main traditions of this month is to play "secret friend" which consists of a group of people meeting and distributing "little pieces of paper" with the names of each of the participants, in this way the person who comes out is who you should give a gift to on the day of the celebration, but be careful, you must hide the name until this day, don't raise any suspicions so that it's much more interesting, in this way that all participants know that they will receive a surprise gift but they don't know who will give it to them.

The most interesting thing during the game is that you can receive clues from the person, they "sweeten" you, meaning, they leave some clue with a sweet at your home, job or a specific place that you indicated before starting the game.

The coolest thing about the game is that you can give it the approach you want, some people play sweet secret friend as its name says, you only give away sweets, chocolates, gummies... Another way is that you can put a budget limit for the gift, do it with a specific theme, you can also give options of what you would like to receive, or the classic, you let yourself be surprised until the day of the celebration.

Surely if you live in Colombia, this month you won’t be left out of the secret friend, since it’s so traditional is sure in your company the human resources area is already considering it.

If you wonder how to play it for the current pandemic, it’s very easy... There are several platforms online to do the raffle, where you only put the names of the players and all participants in the game will receive an email indicating who should give a gift to, don't you think it's interesting? Distance won’t be a problem.

From LARM we invite you to celebrate the day of love and friendship, you can do it with your family, closest friends or with your co-workers.

¡LARM your home away from home!

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