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The three kings day celebration

In Colombia the day of the three kings is celebrates by the catholics on January 6 of each year, is the commemoration of the arrival to Belen of the 3 kings Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar guided by a star, who carried incense, gold and myrrh to give tribute to baby Jesus who was recently born. These gifts were very expensive at that time and only very wealthy people could get them.

This date indicates that is the end of Christmas, most of the families remove and put away the Christmas decorations because the following Monday is a holiday, this is the second holiday of the year after New Years Eve.

In most churches across the country, the celebration on Sunday before the holiday is usually longer to remember the history and the interpretations of the Epiphany. It is also common to find churches with an additional celebration on Monday morning and most of the towns in Colombia have huge commemoration events in order to celebrate this awaited holiday.

Finally, for this date some people usually give gifts to children so that from an early age they build beautiful memories about this date and do not miss the tradition with the passing of the years.

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