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Top 5 recommendations to consider if you are moving to Bucaramanga.

Too little we imagine when someone talk about this city, beyond the typical food that can come to mind. However Bucaramanga has more to offer than this as a great city to live.

With no doubt, it is an organized city, even though it is little, it has everything that a family could need to live in it. It has great roads, several shopping malls in every neighborhood, amazing buildings, and above all, the cost of living is very low compared to the big cities of Colombia. You can live in a great property of a good size and on a great location and pay a fair cost. Also the weather is ideal, and you do not always need air conditioner or fan. Actually, the citizens born in Bucaramanga do not use any of these.

Regarding education, in Bucaramanga you can find several of the best schools of the country and also great quality of Universities, mostly on the engineering area.

So, if you are looking for a city to retire or to work the last years and then retire, this city is perfect for this matter. It is tranquil, with not too much traffic, many restaurants and high quality gastronomy, and everything with good price tags. Besides, you can find some social clubs such as the Country club, where you can practice several sports.

You can find several neighborhoods to choose, but in my personal opinion, the top 3 are, Cabecera, Cañaveral and Ruitoque. Each one of these with benefits. Choose Cabecera if you want to be near the restaurants and night vibe, choose Cañaveral if you want more tranquility and be near to the Country Club, or choose Ruitoque if you want a house with a pool, more retired from the city and within a condo where you do not need to go out to find everything you need, from food to clothes.

Worth mentioning, that the “Santandereanos” as are called the people from the region where Bucaramanga is located, has a strong accent when they speak, which has made them gained a rough reputation. It is true that the “bumangueses” are brave people, but this should not be mistaken, on the contrary, the people of this city is kind, hard worker, collaborators, and very open to people form other cities and countries.

Among their menus, they will offer you roasted goat, ants, tamales and spectacular from the oven bread.

In conclusion, if you would like a small city to live in with your family or to retire, Bucaramanga has it all for you! and of course LARM, will be with you to assist you on this relocation with all its experience in this city.

LARM, your home away from home!

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