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Tradition of the manger in Colombia.

Colombia is a country of traditions and customs that over time and generation after generation have been maintained and continue to be practiced with devotion and affection. December is a month in which you can observe more than one tradition and appropriations of the same that each family has adopted.

The Christmas manger is one of the oldest traditions and loved by Colombians. Since childhood in Colombian homes that practice Catholicism, children are taught the importance of arming the manger together with the Christmas tree as fundamental instruments to celebrate the good night and also pray the novenas around them.

In essence the manger is a representation of the birth of the Child God according to the biblical history that we all know, so it contains such important elements as farm animals, wise men, peasants, small houses that resemble the town of Jerusalem and of course the figures of Mary and Joseph.

The way you want to assemble the manger in Colombia has no limits or restrictions, you can find mangers of all sizes. From the small ones, which are placed in the houses, to the largest and most innovative, which are assembled in parks and squares to be visited by families. There are also very Colombian versions of this Christmas tradition, in which, for example, dolls have typical costumes of the country ( In some cities the country for the novenas are made human representations of the manger, which creates in the attendees a whole Christmas atmosphere and historical the birth of Jesus.

During your stay in our country, encourage yourself to create your manger under the Christmas tree so that you create unique moments that you will always carry in your heart.

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