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Valle del Cocora and Salento: An unforgettable adventure.

My experience in Salento was great because it was a very nice town, with very warm people and excellent restaurants. In this nice little town you can see that it is very traditional since most of its houses have the same shape and in the main park has an exhibition of crafts. After a while of walking through the village we walk to the entrance of the coconut valley where you can walk in or you can rent a horse so you can give the tour in this way.

This experience was very beautiful because the valley is very beautiful, its vegetation, the tranquility it emits and its beautiful colors. During the journey one passes through different rocky areas, through small seeps of natural water which shows us how beautiful and connected this place is. Once you reach the highest point, you can deviate to an entrance where you see a huge waterfall with crystal clear water that transmits a lot of peace and tranquility. It really is a very nice place to visit as it is a natural paradise to see all its palm trees and all the vegetation that composes it.

Sebastián Zapata

Accounting assistant at LARM Colombia.

Other interesting facts about Valle del Cocora:

  • It is home to 85% of the wax palm population throughout Colombia.

  • It has a number of species of trees such as romeron pine, sietecueros, arnica and frailejón.

  • There are wonderful species such as the Andean tapir, the spectacled bear, the puma, the yellow-eared parrot, the celestial toucan, the Andean condor and the hummingbird.

  • In the government of President Belisario Betancur, it was proposed the creation of the natural sanctuary for the preservation of the palm of wax so emblematic and of all the species of fauna and endemic flora; for this the excessive care and control to visitors since the year 1985.

  • The name of Cocora is due to that of a princess Quimbaya, daughter of cacique Acaime, which means "Star of water". Many years ago, the Cocora Valley was called El Cañón del Alto Quindío.

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