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We’re a family of families.

It is the culmination of March, a month in which we celebrate and recognize the important role of both women and men who, day by day, give their best to make their country and the world a better place for all.

For no one is a secret that, the last year has been challenging in many ways for all human beings, however, this time has managed to remove the padlock from a door that seemed increasingly difficult to open. We were completely losing empathy for each other, in a world as fast as the one we live in, where everyone has their dreams and goals to fulfill, we were overlooking the gift of the present, to be able to appreciate and be happy with small moments that went unnoticed in our minds by the eagerness to meet other situations to which we gave greater importance.

However, it was necessary to distance ourselves physically from everyone to miss and understand that the single act of a hug carries in itself the best gift to understand that, we are alive and we have many traveling companions for the adventure we call life.

Today at the end of March we would like to thank all our collaborators, men and women, tall and short, white and brown, blond and black, big and small, to all of them who with their effort and dedication were the best allies to cope with a year without comparison that ultimately changed the way we were doing things.

Thanks to the men and women of LARM for all their effort, commitment and dedication, thank you for being the support of our family, their families, for becoming teachers, chefs, artists, etc... In this time we were away but it made us feel closer than ever.

Thank you for being a family of families. Happy Man and Woman Month.

LARM, your home away from home!

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