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Week of recess 2021

In Colombia you will find surprises wherever you go, so in the next week of recess you should be surprised by the wonders that our country has to offer.

The national government has for several years established a week of recess in October for both public and private schools and universities. For this year the week of recess will be between Monday 11 October and Friday 15, with a big advantage that Monday 18 is a holiday in Colombia for Day of the Race.

The purpose of this space is that students can spend quality time with their families, since at this point almost 85% of the classes have been completed, which makes it the perfect space to rest and recharge batteries.

Many families decide that it is a great opportunity to travel outside the country, some others decide to know new national destinations and others decide to enjoy plans in the same city of residence as visiting museums, going to cinemas, the planetarium, tour the city center, among others.

At LARM we recommend that you take advantage of this space to know Colombia, not only will you find magical places like Caño Cristales, the Peñol stone, Palomino, the Amazon and the beautiful beaches of our country, but you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, delicious food and friendliness of people during the tour, either by road or plane.

Come to know Colombia and enjoy your stay in your new home to the fullest! You can know more tourist recommendations by clicking here.

LARM, your home away from home!

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