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What to do during the school break week?

During this mini holiday, you can take advantage to get out of everyday life with your children and visit different places in the country and do other family activities taking advantage of the time.

If you are one of the parents who during this time continues with the work day and you can not leave your city, simply create a plan that allows to keep children entertained in a simple and fun way, organizing games and activities in which they can share with the family without leaving home or the city; such as cooking together and letting the little ones make their own dishes can be a lot of fun, reading magical stories of stories and books, do physical exercises such as basketball, baseball or cycling, go to the park or appropriate places and plant trees as a contribution to nature and awareness of its care, to look at family photo albums and videos so that children feel identified and know their story, tour incredible museums that around this time have special plans for the little ones to know about different cultures, in a fun way. You can also enroll your children in swimming courses, painting, tennis, drawing, soccer, etc. So you will be calm and the little ones will stay distracted during the week of school break.

If you have the time, you can leave the city, it is an excellent opportunity to share with the family with different activities; therefore, we want to present you some alternatives that you can have in other destinations in Colombia.

1. Visiting the beach

Travelling to cities such as Cartagena, Santa Marta, Capurganá and Coveñas are always ideal options for the whole family to enjoy the beach and the sun. Practicing water sports, walking by the sea, playing games with the sand, touring historical sites, tourist plans and enjoying the local gastronomy are just some of the activities that can be done. In addition, if you choose to travel by car, enjoy the road, the beautiful landscapes and enjoy on the way to your destination, they are also part of the family plan.

2. nearby destinations

Near your city, there are different municipalities and towns, where you can surely choose from different hotels that offer food and lodging services. With fun activities for the little ones in pools or special infrastructures for them; in addition, you can enjoy longer stays or just days of sunshine. For example travel to San Gil, Barichara, Paipa, Villa de Leyva, Guatapé or Guasca.

3. Contact with nature:

Make ecotourism plans, know how various agricultural processes work and live this closely in contact with farm animals such as on the coffee axis: between Armenia, Pereira and Manizales. See the stars in several deserts like the Tatacoa desert: north of the Huila Department 38 kilometers from the city of Neiva. Visit caves and tour them as the cave of the Güacharos: between the municipality of Acevedo, Huila, and part in the Caquetá. Make a campsite with glamour and comfort or enjoy the hot springs of hot springs such as the thermal baths of Paipa: Located in Boyacá, Termales de Rivera: They are located south of the city of Neiva, Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal a few kilometers from Pereira, Termales Santa Mónica: Near Bogota by the east, on the road leading to La Calera. Bird watching in the Laguna de Sonso Natural Reserve: Valle del Cauca. Humpback whale watching in the Chocó, are some activities that put the whole family to enjoy the natural wonders we have. As you can see, nature tourism in Colombia makes us one of the best destinations for adventure activities, which involves a lot of our culture. We have different ecosystems that enchant even more travelers: plains, valleys, colorful mountains; deserts, beaches, rivers, forests and jungles, make knowing the natural wonders a great experience.

Recommendation: To do nature tourism in Colombia it is ideal that you travel as much as possible by road. Our country has incredible routes also surrounded by a great natural environment that make the whole trip a special adventure. The idea is that you organize an agenda in advance for this week of school break, dividing the days by themes that are very fun for children and adolescents who enjoy this free time in their cities or outside them.

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